Lorenzo Fertitta would love to sit with Irish authorities in order to regulate MMA

Lorenzo Fertitta would love to sit with Irish authorities in order to regulate MMA

The devastating and tragic death of Joao Carvalho earlier this week in Dublin sent shock waves throughout the world of MMA and caused a media frenzy in Ireland.

Countless callers to radio shows, letters to the government and articles in newspapers called for the banning of the sport in the country.

Now it seems the situation has caught the attention of Lorenzo Fertitta, CEO of the UFC. Speaking with Luke Thomas of MMA Fighting (transcribed by Sean Sheehan of Severe MMA), Fertitta spoke of his wishes to help the effort in regulating MMA in places that it currently does not have any regulation.

“That has always been our mantra. We run towards regulation.” Fertitta said. “We would love to be able to sit down to work with the authorities in Ireland and the UK so that, not just our events, but all the events are properly regulated.”

I don’t know exactly what happened in that event, everybody is still trying to figure that out but that’s the reason we want regulation, so there are standards, so it’s the same everywhere and we would certainly think that that would be a good idea.”

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WCFC 5 to honor the life of Joao Carvalho tomorrow night

WCFC 5 to honor the life of Joao Carvalho tomorrow night

Tomorrow night WCFC 5, the first show since the tragic passing of MMA fighter Joao Carvalho, will take place in Dublin.

Speaking with Pawel Tomczyk, one of the show's promoters, he said that the night will honor the life of Joao Carvalho.

"Like most people, we were in shock when we heard the devastating news of Joao Carvalho's passing. As a result, WCFC 5 will be a tribute to the life of Joao Carvalho. He was a fighter and a martial artist and what better way to honor him than a night of martial arts dedicated to his memory. At the event we will be doing a minute silence and will be donating money ourselves as well as doing a fundraiser, including a raffle giving away signed merchandise, with proceeds going to his family."

Tomczyk also revealed that he has spoke with Joao's brother in Dublin earlier today to get his blessing for the show and he passed on his words.

"His brother said that 'Joao was a warrior and loved martial arts, no way would he want this show cancelled. MMA is getting bad press at the moment and now is the time for everyone to be strong together to show that fighters are not animals.'"

Depending on certain circumstances Carvalho's family might be in attendance at WCFC 5 in what should be an emotional night for all.

WCFC 5 takes place in The Wright Venue in Swords.

Fury vs. Klitschko II set for July 9th in Manchester Arena.

Fury vs. Klitschko II set for July 9th in Manchester Arena.

Tyson Fury's long-awaited rematch with boxing great Wladimir Klitschko was confirmed yesterday to take place at the Manchester Arena (formerly the MEN Arena) on Saturday 9th July, the same day Conor McGregor has his rematch with Nate Diaz in Las Vegas.

Fury (25-0), who has a deep heritage in Ireland, beat Klitschko (64-4) back in November via unanimous decision to win the the linear, WBA Super, IBF, IBO and Ring Magazine titles. It was the first time Klitschko had been defeated since 2004.

27-year-old Fury said (via Irish Boxing): “I’m thrilled to get this fight on July 9th at the Manchester Arena. I’m the best heavyweight in the world and the rest are impostors to my titles. I am coming for all of them once I’ve dealt with Klitschko a second time.”

He added: “The only man that could beat Klitschko is me. What I’ve got can’t be taught; you’ve either got it or you haven’t. How you beat robots is to do unorthodox things. I’m expecting a totally different fight, he’s going to have to come over here and fight this time. It’s going to be a slug-fest.”

40-year-old Klitschko is undefeated in rematches and has only fought in the UK once, a win over Monte Barrett back in 2000.

Fight Card for WCFC 5: Road to Dublin

Fight Card for WCFC 5: Road to Dublin
WCFC 5 takes place this Friday night from The Wright Venue in Swords and it promising a special night of martial arts with both MMA and K-1 fights taking place from with a 'RAGE' (a hybrid ring and cage used by some of the biggest promotions in the world). Here is the fight card below (subject to change): Pro K-1 95kg WCFC Title Fight 
18. Zbigniew’’ZIBI’’ Hormański -Fantom Team vs Daragh Kennedy -Kokoro MMA
Pro MMA 73kg 
17. Damian Chrzanowski - Gladiator Ostrołęka vs Paul Lawrence - RFA
Pro MMA 70kg
16. Dariusz Świerkosz - MMA Nenagh Warriors vs Ramunas Venslovas - Lithuania
Pro K1 63kg WCFC Title Fight ***
15. David Ryan -Shannon kickboxing club vs Alan McCormack - Relentless Muay Thai
MMA-am 93kg Title Fight ***
14. Liam Hughes -Husaria Naas vs Glenn Irvin - Next Generation NI  
MMA-am 70kg Title Fight ***
13. Szymon Kozak - Fantom Team vs Jonathan Reid - D10 MMA
MMA-am 77kg
12. Jason Quinn - Point Blank  vs Makinde Adeyemi - Ryoshin Team 
MMA-am 70kg
11. Alxander Yankov - Fantom Team vs Gorges"Samurai" Tajik - Teheran/Persia
MMA-am 84kg
10. Adam Halbina - MMA Nenagh Warrior vs  Colm Considine -Husaria Team Ennis
MMA-am 61kg
9. Darren Jordan - Impetus MMA vs Jack Maguire -BJJ Cork 
K-1 am 66kg
8. Andrei Jentimir -Naas Kickboxing  vs Darren Cummins -Image K-1
MMA-am 70kg
7. Paul Delaney -Point Blank vs Eamon Sommers -D10 MMA
MMA-am 61kg
6. Keith Kavanagh -Full Power MMA vs Raymond McMahon -Delariva Ireland
MMA-am 74kg
5. Adam Osinski -Impetus MMA vs Seam Power -Samson MMA Cork
MMA-am 70kg
4. Szczepan Ziołkowski -MMA Nenagh Warriors vs John Michtel -BJJ Cork
MMA-am 56kg
3. Julia Górka -Fantom Team vs Heather Hammond -Fight Factory team 
MMA-am 70kg
2. Damian Chaber -Berserkers Team Newbridge vs Patrick Friary -D10 MMA
MMA-am 66kg
1. Declan Broderick -Shark Bait MMA vs Wojtek Tomaszewsk -BJJ Cork 

Philpott to defend BAMMA title in Dublin June 4th

Philpott to defend BAMMA title in Dublin June 4th

After finally capturing the Lonsdale BW BAMMA Title, Alan 'The Apprentice' Philpott (15-7) will defend his belt for the first time as he faces Aaron Blackwell (15-9-1) when the promotion returns to Dublin on June 4th.

BAMMA Press Release:

"Going 4-1 in his last 5 fights, Philpott has recently refocused on his fight career and has seen immediate results in his performances alongside a series of key victories. With his last bout ending via doctor stoppage against Nathaniel Wood to pick up the Lonsdale Title, Philpott has had no end of challengers calling him out in the time since his win. Now he has his sights set on both defending his title and putting himself back in line for a shot at the BAMMA Bantamweight title, currently held by Shay Walsh. The Ballymena fighter out of IMMA/Next Gen N.I. under Rodney Moore is ready to go and to take on all comers and that begins at BAMMA 26 with Aaron Blackwell in Dublin."

However Philpott faces a difficult test in Aaron Blackwell who is "undefeated in 6 years and on a 7 fight winning streak that includes the likes of Mike Cutting, Kris Edwards and Adam Venture."

BAMMA 26 takes place June 4th from the 3 Arena in Dublin.

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