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Ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to Ireland's newest online store for MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai gear and leisurewear.

Yes we have some 'skull and bones' items but for the most part we offer some of the best and most sought after brands in combat sports that offer a subtle nod to the sports you love the most.

Please browse around the website, take a look, perhaps part with some money and buy some of our awesome stock. It will make you more *sexy (*we cannot guarantee sexiness).

Regardless of whether you are the next Jon Jones or if you are heading down the Tank Abbott direction, we will have the gear for you.

Don't be afraid to hit us up on the ol' Facebook or send us a tweet on Twitter (@COMBATGEAR.ie).

Or you can use the contact page to send us a message. 

- Team Combat Gear.


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