Hayabusa Ikusa Recast Head Guard


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Size:  One Size


Hayabusa Ikusa Recast Headgear

Redesigned Headgear Performance - One Size

The Ikusa® Recast™ Headgear fuses top cranial protection with industry-leading ultra-lightweight materials to construct a full coverage headgear that secures your most important weapon.
The Ultimate in Protection and Visibility
The unique Ikusa® Recast™ Headgear construction maximises visibility and head protection while absorbing impact and avoiding stiff, constricting bulk. Equipped with a cranial cast with a high resiliency inner core complex and fully adjustable patented T-Cross™ closure system ensures a perfect fit with zero shifting. 

Features / Benefits

  • Hybrid Design For Advanced Peripheral Visibility and Complete Head Protection.
  • Cranial-Cast™ Lightweight Construction Ensures a Unique Customised Fit With Zero Bulk.
  • Patented T-Cross™ Adjustment Strap Closure System Prevents Unwanted Shifting.
  • High-Resiliency Inner Core Complex For Optimal Shock Absorption.
  • Integrated Ear Hole Covers and Open Top Design For Maximum Ventilation.
  • Equipped With Unique Ecta™ Carbonised Bamboo Lining For Advanced Comfort, Thermo-Regulating Properties, and Deodorising Effects.
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