Clan Wars 24 - A focus on fighter safety

Clan Wars 24 - A focus on fighter safety

This past Sunday at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast Clan Wars 24 took place in what was the first MMA event to happen on the island of Ireland following the tragic passing of Joao Carvalho two weekends prior in Dublin.

The sport of MMA went under justified public scrutiny but that quickly veered into the realm of over exaggerating from critics who, for the most part, simply did not have a clue about the sport. Agenda driven articles and nonsensical discussions on radio stations filled our time. But at last those in the scene finally got back to what they love - MMA competition.

So let us take a look at the known safety standards from Clan Wars 24:

Safe MMA - all four pro fighters on the card were cleared by Safe MMA meaning they have had medicals and blood work done (read more here).

Medical Staff - Clan Wars had four paramedics, two ambulances, three doctors (including one with UFC experienc), and a full emergency room. All confirmed by Andrew McGahon of 

Referees - Decky Larkin and Aidan Marron were the officials inside the cage for the evening. Between them they have years of experience in martial arts and are both well respected referees.

Ringside Doctor - An important fight took place between Decky Dalton and Gary Morris. It was the co-main event and as such it received a lot of attention and focus. Dalton had suffered a laceration under his left eye and the doctor was called upon to make a tough decision in between rounds one and two and the fight was stopped. Regardless of whether you liked the decision or not the doctor acted in a way he thought was protecting the fighter, which is a good thing.

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