Joe McColgan accepts Kiefer Crosbie's open offer for BAMMA

Joe McColgan accepts Kiefer Crosbie's open offer for BAMMA

SBG's Kiefer Crosbie (1-0) laid out an open challenge on facebook offering to fight any welterweight for free in order to get on the BAMMA 26 card on September 10th.

"Who Wants to See me Fight on that Card? I Will Fight ANY Welterweight they Give me FOR FREE if they put me on. Fuck the Money all i want is a Confirmed Fight. I live 5 Minutes away from The Point and ive always dreamed of Fighting there. I will have that place packed out and I will finish whoever they put on front of me in the First round. Lets Get this Done!!"

The soon after FAI's Joe McColgan (1-0), who is pictured above and was once known as 'The SBG Hunter', stepped up to the plate and accepted the fight saying; "Happy days...I'll take that fight, and both purses", via facebook.

Both fighters were very experienced amateur fighters and had been on the local scene a long time before making their pro debuts. Crosbie defeated Keith McCabe at Battlezone 15 in April and a few months previous McColgan defeated Tom Hogan at Battlezone 14 last November.

No word yet from BAMMA on whether they are interested in this fight but both Crosbie and McColgan are very popular on the local scene that it might be a major oversight from the matchmaker not to include them on the card either against each other or in separate fights.

Title image via Dave Bradshaw Photography.


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