Karl Moore making a miraculous recovery from possible career ending injury

Karl Moore making a miraculous recovery from possible career ending injury

A few months ago it was announced that Karl Moore (6-1) was scheduled to fight on the massive Venator FC 3 card in Italy. There was also a light heavyweight title was up for grabs.

It was a big opportunity for the Fight Academy Ireland fighter. A lot of attention was on the card with a number of UFC veterans and top European talent competing. Promoter Frank Marenda also an excellent job of gaining interest on the show and as a result the MMA paid attention to it.

However, disaster struck for Moore as he tore ligaments in his knee. An injury the 24-year-old admitted could've brought a premature end to his career.

But today he gave an update on his recovery (via Facebook). Just 9 weeks after the initial injury he says he has made miraculous progress thanks to his sports therapists Martin Downey.

Specialists had told him that he could be out for a year. But it looks like Ireland's top ranked light heavyweight will be back way before that.

Here is his post on facebok:

As most of you know 9 weeks ago or so, I tore ligmanets in my knee and was forced to pull out of my fight.
But what I hadn't disclosed to anyone not even my family, was that numerous specialists had told me that I wouldn't be fighting again for at least a year, and that surgery was in inevitable.
For anyone who knows me knows that I may as well not be here if I can't fight, its what i was put here to do.
At this point in my career I just cant afford to be out for a year.
As soon as I told Marty he began working on my knee almost every single day for the past 8-9 weeks. This week is 9 weeks into my recovery and I've been able to squat heavy, sprint and today I had my first mma sparring and grappling session since the injury.

"Specialist's" told me I'd be out for at least a year, Marty has me back in just over 2 months lol. Without him my career might of came to a premature end.
I genuinely can't thank this man enough for everything he's done for me over the last year, but these last 9 weeks have showed me just how valueable he really is.
I'm going all the way to the UFC mark my words,

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