Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's day is creeping upon us. Sunday June 19th for those of you who are panicking reading this. Don't know what to get? That's OK, because we have you covered. 

Here is a list of gift ideas from our store that might make the old man happy on Father's Day (or if you are that 'old man' reading this you could share this list as a subtle hint for those loved ones).

Please note that orders must be placed on or before Wednesday the 15th to guarantee delivery before the weekend. Orders placed after this date may not make it in time. However we'll do our best to accommodate all and any orders.

Deliveries are €6 for orders between €1 & €75 and just €3 for orders above €75. We delivery to Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

10. Meerkatsu Ape Suave BJJ T-Shirt - €29.99

This t-shirt is somewhat symbolic of Father's Day. We have grinning hero siting in full butterfly position and hands in shaka mode, ready to roll. On the back, two baby orangutans playfully spar while tumbling through the air. Available here


9. Scramble Beat Em Up Rashguard - €49.99

Guys with their video games and jiu-jitsu. It is a perfect combination for many fellas out there and this rashguard from the insanely popular Scramble brand brings it all together. Available here.

8. Venum Challenger 2.0 Gloves - €49.99

Venum is one of the most popular MMA brands in the world. The Challenger 2.0 range offers high quality gear at really affordable prices. These gloves come in two sizes - 12oz & 14oz - and in two colors - black/white & black/black. Available here.

7. Venum Challenger Shorts - €57.99

Another option from the Venum brand are these simply but stylish MMA shorts which are come in two colors - Black/White & Black/Orange. Available here.

6. PRiDEorDiE Z-Camp Range - €29.99 - €34.99

Combat sports and zombies. That is the mixture put together by European brand PRiDEorDiE for their Z-Camp range. Keep on Livin' is their motto. We have Vale Tudo Shorts (available here) for €29.99 and Rashguard (available here) for €34.99.

5. Hayabusa Muay Thai Shorts - €57.99

It was hard to pick between either of these Hayabusa Muay Thai shorts as they are both AWESOME. You can see with your eyes how slick and cool their designs are and being from Hayabusa you can be guaranteed on the quality. Good look picking just one. Available here.

4. Scramble Cro Cop T-Shirt - €37.50

This shirt celebrates Mirko 'Cro Cop's victory in the 2006 Absolute Openweight Pride Grand Prix. And who doesn't love the head kicking man from Croatia?? Available here.

3. Hayabusa Elevate Performance Shorts - €57.99

Very few brands out there reach the premium quality of Hayabusa and these awesome shorts are just another offering from them. They come in black and white and are available here.

2. Sakuraba Gear €37.50 - €49.99

It would be hard to find anyone in MMA who doesn't like the legend who is Kazushi Sakuraba. Known as 'The Gracie Hunter', Sakuraba has been competing since the mid nineties and is still fighting today.

We have a Sakuraba T-Shirt (available here) for €37.50 and Rashguard (available here) for €49.99. Both official products from the Scramble brand.

1. Limited Edition Hayabusa Tokushu Stealth Gloves - €110

These limited edition Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves in Stealthy black on black design are practically sold out everywhere. But we have some. They come in three sizes - 12oz, 14oz & 16oz. One of the best gloves on the market today. Available here.


If you have any question please feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form or by dropping us a message on Facebook.

Please order before Wednesday to guarantee delivery before the weekend. 

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