Adam Nowak: "I feel ready for this fight"

Adam Nowak: "I feel ready for this fight"

On Saturday night Adam Nowak challenges Ciaran Clarke for his Cage Legacy lightweight title. The Arena Wexford fighter is 5-1 in his amateur career and says that he is prepared and ready for this fight.

"I'm feeling great," stated Nowak. "My training is going good, I always give 100% in it and I feel ready for this fight. I have good coaches and sparing partners here at Arena Wexford."

For some fighters amateur competition is a learning curve. Nowak seems to recognise this and is not worried about losses or particular event details.

"I've been through a few good fights and I was happy with the results, even in my fight when I lost I wasn't disappointed about it because I have learned and corrected my mistakes. Even mistakes in order fights, I know what else I had to work on to improve on. It doesn't really matter for me if this is the first card of 2017 or something, I just train to fight any time."

Predictions, advantage and disadvantages don't interest Nowak when speaking about his opponent Clarke.

"I think that he is an interesting fighter and to fight him is going to be a good experience. I don't really think about advantages and disadvantages, it is a fight and anything possible. In this sport you can't be sure about anything so I don't try to predict outcomes."

Cage Legacy is the first event under the new rules where amateur fighters must undergo one-time MRI scans in order to compete. This new standard is one Nowak supports and is happy to pay for in order to have a safe environment.

"I think that this rule has its purpose and I think that this is good because we as a fighters wants to stay healthy and be able to fight safe. I didn't have any problem with getting the scan. Some people think it's expensive but I don't think that anything to keep me safe in fighting would be expensive."

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