Alexander Yankov: I will do everything possible to win

Alexander Yankov: I will do everything possible to win

Cage Ring Championship 4 goes down this weekend from the Airside Arena in Swords and has a top notch and unique card featuring Muay Thai, K1, Grappling and MMA all taking place inside a ring cage hybrid, an experience in itself.

Among the fights on the MMA portion of the card is a potentially explosive fight between Alexander Yankov and Alex Kravstov, two already experienced fighters on the Irish MMA amateur scene.

We spoke to 22-year-old Yankov (5-4) ahead of this weekend about the fight, his training, and more. Check it out below:


How has training went for this fight?

Training has went perfectly. Now I am fresh and ready to perform to best of my abilities. I don't train for opponents specifically, I make sure I am ready for no matter what happens. 

Talk a little bit about your training.

My first gym is Compound Martial Arts, with head coach Oisin McCabe, is located in DCU and Coolock area. Oisin is one-of-a-kind coach with knowledge of the fight game like no other. I have training partners like Solomon King Simon, who can barely find an opponent to fight since he collected a few first round KO's, and David Ola, the current ISKA 75kg and 78kg champ, and they give me extreme confidence. I can't get any better coaching or training partners than that.

My second gym is Team Ryano, which needs no introduction. Best gym in Europe with great coaching by Andy Ryan and all the other coaches. World class training partners that keep improving by each day. In a simple sentence - I am in a great place of development that gives me extra confidence. 

What is a typical week like for you in terms of training? And what are things like mixing 'regular' life with being a fighter?

Training twice daily from Monday to Friday. Having one training on Saturday and resting the mind and body on Sunday. I work long hours on weekends so I can afford to train as much. Looking for an excuse to train rather than the other way around.

How would you describe your fighting style?

Right now my fighting style is not fully developed so I will describe it once I feel like I have developed it enough to say.

Who are your inspiration(s) in martial arts?

My inspiration is myself. Only I know how much I put into this and I like it that way. After that then my training partners. 

Talk a little about your opponent. What are your thoughts on him as a fighter?

My opponent is Alex Kravstov and he is very experienced. He has twice as much, if not more, training in his lifetime than me. He is a very competent fighter and I can't wait to test my skills against him . 

How do you approach fighting in the cage ring?

I have had experience in fighting in a ring so I approach fighting it with confidence and excitement . 

Have you a prediction for the fight?

My prediction is that its going to be a great fight and that I will do everything possible to win it.

Quick Fire:
Fav Submission- Rear naked choke 
Fav Striking Technique- Good straight down the middle 
Fav Music- None
Fav Movies- Comedies 
5 Fav Fighters- Anderson Silva, Fedor, Saenchai, McGregor, & Georgio Petrosyan 
Worst Part of Training- Not enough hours in the day to train more 
Cheat Meal- Cheesecake 
Goal in the sport- To reach my full potential

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