Brookins defeats Dalton in a three round battle

Brookins defeats Dalton in a three round battle

On Friday night in Belfast, Northern Ireland Decky Dalton (6-3) had the biggest opportunity of his career when he squared off against TUF winner and UFC vet Jonathan Brookins (16-10) but came up short in a very entertaining three round battle.

Dalton entered the arena to a great reception and started off strong landing a number of punches on his American opponent. For most of the first round Brookins was up around the cage as Dalton maintained cage control while picking at Brookins with an array of head and body punches and sneaky leg kicks. 

Brookins dived for and succeeded with a takedown with just a minute left in the round but was unable to amount any serious offence.

Dalton started off the second round similar to the first but Brookins avoided taking any damage before taking Dalton down. Brookins quickly secured back control and worked hard for the rear naked but Dalton fought him off very well. At one stage it seemed like the submission was locked in but he battled out of it and signaled to supporting crowd. 

Third round saw Brookins land the takedown once again and held top control before Dalton sweeped the position and getting back to his feet. Unfortunately though for Dalton, Brookins secured another takedown. With moments left in the fight the American jumped for a submission but Dalton easily shook him off his back. Shortly after the final ball rang.

The judges sided with Brookins awarding him the unanimous decision (29-28 x 3). Speaking after the fight, Brookins said it was a fun fight and is now a fan of him and then started a chant for 'Decky'.


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