James O'Connell wins the WBC International Title

James O'Connell wins the WBC International Title

James O'Connell achieved a dream last night when he beat Tam McCourt in Scotland to capture to WBC International Muay Thai Title.

Speaking to us before the fight he displayed to us what it meant to win the title:

"Everyone that has anything to do with fighting knows the green WBC belt, it's a treasure and every fighter's dream. Pretty sure I'll be the first Irish male fighter to hold a WBC title in the fight game, all going well on the June 25th. Make another little bit of Irish history, that is the plan."

After the fight with the title over his shoulder O'Connell the true 'Joker' came out as he wrote the following message on facebook:

"Arite Arite Arite motherfuckers an emotion roller-coaster me Walter Scott have went through this weekend, can't explain how happy I am.The donk is back! wanna thank Tam for a proper fight, we'll meet again I'm sure. Craig Floan a great host all weekend and his misses Nicole Floan thanks so much. All the lads for boys at the Monday Club beat Liam Purcell and Keith Wall, Dylan Meagher, Kevin Humphries for pads, Pat-John McCoole for all the violence, now I'm going on the beer and getting fat, haha! Thanks everyonr for the support!!!!"

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