Meet Team Northern Ireland

Meet Team Northern Ireland

The following is a list of representatives selected by the Ulster Mixed Martial Arts Association (UAMMA) to compete at the IMMAF World Championships in Vegas next week during International Fight Week.

The competitor list was given by a member of the UAMMA and fight records were given directly from each fighter and via in some cases


Featherweight: Leah McCourt (3-1) - FAI


Flyweight: Micky Pereira (1-1) - Torres Newry

Bantamweight: Padraig McGee (4-1) - Torres Newry

Featherweight: Ross McCorriston (13-8) - Next Gen NI

Welterweight: Marcin Zembala (4-5) - Torres Newry

Middleweight: Aaron Kennedy (8-3) - ZKJ

Heavyweight: Scott Trelford (2-0) - DFC

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