Mixed night for Samson fighters at Budo Scotland

Mixed night for Samson fighters at Budo Scotland

It was a mixed night of results for Samson Martial Arts fighters in Scotland over the weekend. A team of four amateur fighters from the Cork gym made their way to Scotland for Budo 21.

Damien O’Hea and Jared Fitzgerald walked away with first round TKO finishes while Kieran O’Shea and Jack Cahill were submitted in their respective bouts.

Speaking about the fights, Samson coach Dylan Sheehan said the following via facebook:

"Really enjoyed the weekend here with the lads in Falkirk. Jared Fitzgerald putting on a striking clinic and made short work of his lad winning with a referee to stoppage in the 1st round. Damien O'Hea with some great hands and kicks on the feet and some beautiful cagework striking and pressure. Took his lad down after some more of the same in the 2nd and finished with some heavy ground and pound from mount.

"Jack Cahill did great for his first time in, he implemented his wrestling well pressuring his lad to the cage. He ate a head kick in the first which broke his nose and drove it on like it was nothing and got his lad to the ground again. He was caught in a very deep armbar and managed to create some space with his foot and get out. Serious heart in that first round shown. He implemented the game plan again straight of the bat in the 2nd and put his lad on the fence and the on the floor. He was unlucky to get caught in and triangle after trying to lad some strikes on the floor. He shown for sure that he's someone made for this sport.

"Kieran O'Shea started well on the feet hitting some nice low kicks. His foot is feeling it today though unfortunately and looked to be getting the better of the exchanges. They clinched up on the fence and his lad threw him. Kieran reversed it but in the scramble after his lad spun to the back and sunk in a rear naked choke. Kieran tried his best to hang in and ended up going out for a few seconds.

"I'm proud of all of them win or lose everyone of them lads fought well and shown they have what it takes to make great fighters."


WW: Kunle Lawal def. Kieran O’Shea via RNC, rd 1

FW: Pawel Wlodarczak def. Jack Cahill via triangle, rd 2.

FW: Damien O’Hea def. Daniel Glenday via TKO, rd 1.

BW: Jared Fitzgerald def. Brent Battley via TKO, rd 1.

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