'The Hummer' Hall set to return at Clan Wars 25

'The Hummer' Hall set to return at Clan Wars 25

It has been quite a while since we saw Geoff 'The Hummer' Hall compete. However that drought is set to end as last week Clan Wars announced that he will return to face Tadhg Dixon at for the middleweight title on August 28th.

We spoke with the fan favourite recently about his time away.

"I never really took a break from MMA, I just took a bit of time off competing. I was still at the gym keeping my hand in. I was carrying a few injuries and with work doing well it suited me to train recreationally without the pressures of a fight camp, it also gave me a chance to help out with the new blood coming through at IFS as it's growing bigger everyday.

"I have things nicely balanced now with family, work and training. I am not looking to make a career out of MMA but just enjoy it as a sport."

Predominantly a 170lbs fighter this next fight will be at middleweight making or less of a weight cut. With the attitude towards weigh cuts changing Hall echoed what seems to be on the mind of many around the country.

"The days of my big weight cuts are over. Our whole team now are monitoring weight and not going much over fight weight. Unless you are getting big bucks cutting too much puts a lot of stress on your body, I am just happy to fight without all the stress. It's all just a hobby for me which I thoroughly enjoy whether fighting, training or cornering my team mates."

We also asked Hall about his Clan Wars 25 opponent Tadhg Dixon and here is what he had to say:

"I don't really know much about Tadhg other than he from Legends under Stefan Moriarty, who I know well. I know the Legends team are sound bunch of respectful guys and always bring the fight.

I believe Tadhg has won 'Fight of the Nights' on other shows, he has great striking and a solid ground game and was in a title eliminator before on Clan Wars but took that fight on short notice. I think Paul (Clan Wars promoter) offered Tadhg the chance again only this time with a full camp, which is only fair. Clan Wars don't forget those who go out of their way for them.

Paul told me he had asked Tadhg about the fight and if I fancied it and I said 'yea'. Seeing my teammates doing so well really brought the hunger back!

I'm really looking forward to getting back in there and putting on a great fight for everyone that's supports 'The Hummer', I'm always thankful for the mad support."

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