Updated Fight Card for Capital 1

Updated Fight Card for Capital 1

We are two weeks away from the massive Capital 1 Muay Thai and K1 Kickboxing set to take place at the Citywest Convention Centre in Dublin on July 8th.

There are limited tickets still available from fighters and their gyms.

Main Event - World Title MTGP A-Class 5x3 61.5kgs
Ognjen Topic (New Jersey) vs. Paul Barber (KK)

Co-Main - Dublin's Best A-Class Thai 5x3 61.5kgs
Stephen Meleady (Bad Company) vs. Craig Coakley (Lionheart)

A-Class Irish Superwelter ISKA Muay Thai Title 70kg
Aaron Browne (Lionheart) vs. Scotty John (Origins)

Full Thai Rules International 3x3 Ire V Poland
Colly Murphy (Langka) vs. Mateusz Duczmal (Bad Company)

Full Thai Rules International 3x3 Ire V France
Shane McConnell (WMT) vs. Djony Ferandes (Double KK)

Full Thai rules 3x3 95kgs
Tommy Maher (Chaiyo) vs. Daragh Kennedy (Koroko)

Full Thai Rules 3x3 70kgs
Dommie Kelly (Spartan) vs. Mo Khale (Waterford)

PRO K1KB 3x3 75kgs Irish ISKA Middleweight title
Wayne Grant (Fantom) vs. Eamon Deane (Mayhem)

PRO K1KB 3x3
78kgs Dawid Blaszke (NassKB) vs. Aidan Brooks (Colosseum Gladiators)
65kgs David Ryan (Shannon KB) vs. Mikey Rizzo (Lionheart)
86kgs Joey Cleary (Doyle KB) vs. Chris Meaney (Newry)
67kgs Damien O'Hea (Samson) vs. Eric McCormack
78kgs Dylan Meagher (Courage) vs. Jay Doyle (Champion)

C Class Thai 3x3
Charlie Kelly (Jai Sua) vs. Barry O'Connor (Spartan)
Alan McCormack (Origins) vs. Niall McGreevy (Langka)
Istvan Stefan Korodi (Lionheart) vs. Stephen O'Neill
Gergo Bodis (Horais) vs. Robby Drought (Siam Warriors)

Preliminary Fight Card

C Class Thai 3x2
Niall Cooke (Cork Thai) vs. Diarmuid Dunne (Hammerhead)
Pierce Corkery (Cork Thai) vs. Josh Moules (Arklow)
Kieran Stapleton (WMT) vs. Joe O'Connor (Jai Sua)
Senan Coakley (Lionheart) vs. Ryan Cremin (Cobra)

Amateur K1
Jordan Daniels (Coopers) vs. Ion Catarau (Nass KB)
Peter Deane (Coopers) vs. Ian Crotty (Courage)
Ronan Kelly (Doyle KB) vs. Conor Butler (SBG)
Glen Sheehan (Strike) vs. Lee Walch (Larrys KB)

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