What is next for Conor McGregor?

What is next for Conor McGregor?

Unfortunately for someone like Conor McGregor, even when you go through a five round war that pushes you to your limits, moments after the fight people are asking 'what next?' or 'what about fighter X?' and so on.

Saturday night could've went one of two ways for McGregor, either he was going to walk away the victor or he wasn't. Had Diaz scored anther victory over him the Irishman's option would've been narrowed down. But that's not what happened at all and McGregor won. But what does that mean for the Irishman? What next?

Well there are three viable options all of which have their positives and negative points for both him, the fans, the UFC and the opposition.

Option 1 - Nate Diaz rubber match at 155lbs

They are one-a-piece and after the dramatic fight at UFC 202 on Saturday night I don't think anyone wants to get off this rollercoaster that is Diaz vs. McGregor. The score has to be settled at some point. However, if that is the next fight - some are saying UFC 205 in New York City in November - then McGregor will be forced to relinquish his 145lbs belt to Jose Aldo. There are doubts over the possibility of this as McGregor and/or Diaz might possibly be on an injury suspension.

Option 2 - Eddie Alvarez 155lbs title fight

It is no secret that McGregor wants to recreate what he did in Cage Warriors and capture the featherweight and lightweight titles. Again, Alvarez in New York City would seem to be another ideal fight given his ties to that area. But once again if this fight is made then he will have to relinquish his belt to Jose Aldo.

Option 3 - Defend 145lbs title against Jose Aldo

It is coming up on a year since McGregor famously beat Aldo in 13 seconds. People questioned the Brazilian after that and doubted that he would ever be the same again. But a dominant win over Frankie Edgar silenced the critics and started the buss again for a rematch with McGregor. The MMA media in the states seem convinced that McGregor wont drop back down to featherweight again. It was always a tough cut for the Irishman but then again he always made it without fail

With those three options out there, which one will likely happen?

Dana White has went on record since Saturday night and said that McGregor must defend his belt against Aldo or else he must vacate it. A request that is not unreasonable. The belt cannot stay inactive anymore.

McGregor might see 145lbs as a division he has very little left to prove. He beat the majority of the top ten and then defeated Jose Aldo, a man who was undefeated in nearly ten years, in devastating fashion. If he gives up the belt then he didn't lose it and that is a big difference for his mentality towards his success and the featherweight title. 'I am still the king at 145,' I can envision him say now.

The lure of becoming one of the very few two-weight UFC champion is something that he might not be able to ignore. So a big money, history making fight against lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez would be my bet for McGregor next in the UFC with a Diaz rubber match coming after that depending on the outcome.

It is also worth noting that McGregor when he has so many options is a dangerous and powerful man. With the above three choices and the WWE and Mayweather boxing fight rumours hanging over everything like a cloud don't be surprised to see McGregor attempt to keep his featherweight title while he chases Alvarez. 

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