UXN Fight Night 5 cancelled

UXN Fight Night 5 cancelled

Underdog Xtreme Championship have cancelled their event that was due to take place this weekend citing a major influx of injuries and pullouts as well as new medical restrictions to the card that forced this move. Rhys McKee vs. Tommy McCafferty was scheduled to be the main event for this card.

They said they will reschedule the event but no date was given. The following press release was posted on their facebook page-

UXC Fight Night 5 - Postponed until further notice

It is with great regret we are having to postpone our show in The Wild Duck on Saturday 21st May 2016, until further notice.

Throughout the past weeks our fight card has dwindled in numbers due to injury and other dropouts. With only a few fights left on the card we felt that there was no way we could move any further on this. Recent medical restrictions, whilst being very important to the sport, have also left us in a position where we had to allow for blood work to be back on time and we are afraid time has ran out.

We apologise to the fighters left on the card who have put so much effort into training, the local business who were to take part and make an earning from it and those who were to come and enjoy the Fight Night. We are going to take some time away now and try and figure out the best way forward from this. Some work needs to be done with preparation for the show and it may now lead to more pro fights appearing on the card in the future.

Keep your eyes peeled for our return folks, we will be back!

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