Alex Masuku: I would knock Dylan Logan out but want the rematch with Rhys McKee the most

Alex Masuku: I would knock Dylan Logan out but want the rematch with Rhys McKee the most

Last week Alex Masuku (0-2) found his way onto twitter and immediately used it to pick a bone with SBG's Dylan Logan (0-0) and challenged him to a fight at BAMMA 26 in Dublin.

I spoke to Masuku about the tweets and if there was any backstory he said that Logan said he could beat him.

"Basically I heard that Dylan said he could beat me before," said Masuku. "When I heard he wanted to make his pro debut at BAMMA I thought it was the perfect time to get the fight made. Dylan wouldn't be able to stand with me and I can see myself knocking him out, he wouldn't handle my speed or power in my opinion."

The Impetus MMA fighter also spoke about his BAMMA debut against Rhys McKee and shared his thoughts on stepping up on late notice.

"I thought I was quite unlucky in my last fight. With all due respect to Rhys I took the fight at BAMMA 24 with 2 days notice which is pretty much unheard of. It was very rushed and I know if I'm given another chance against him the outcome will be different. I can't argue that Rhys is a good fighter but I know with a full training camp he won't be able to beat me. I didn't get to show my full capabilities last time out. To be honest that's actually a fight I'm looking to get made the most. I've been talking to BAMMA about possible match-ups for September and hopefully we can get that made if Rhys is up for round two!

I think BAMMA is a brilliant show. It gives you the chance to expose your talents worldwide on a massive stage. Everyone on that show is striving to make it to the big time so that competitiveness is huge. At the moment I'm just looking to fight, my training going great and I just want to get back in the cage ASAP. As proven I'm never a man to shy from a fight so whoever, whenever it is at the moment!"

**Title image via Alex Masuku's facebook page**

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