QnA with debut fighter Daryl Tsang ahead of Akuma FC 10

QnA with debut fighter Daryl Tsang ahead of Akuma FC 10

Later tonight 22-year-old Daryl Tsang from Rilion Gracie joins the amateur Irish MMA ranks when he makes his first walk to the cage at Akuma FC 10.

Check out our QnA with the featherweight:


How did you get into the sport and how long have you been training?

When I was in secondary school my mates started MMA. They then told me all about it and I had taken a keen interest. As a result I didn't stop and I’ve been training for roughly three years now.

Talk a little bit about your gym.

I train at Rilion Gracie, you can find many tough training partners, it’s quite diverse. Our coaches are at a top level and are very skilled. The head coach, Barney, received his black belt back in September which is a huge achievement and a milestone for the club.

What is a typical week like for you in terms of training? And what are things like mixing 'regular' life with being a fighter?

I would typically train 4 or 5 days a week either in the gym or at the club. As for regular life, nothing has changed dramatically unless you’re preparing for a fight, in that regard you always have to be conscious of what you eat if you’re trying to cut weight.

How would you describe your fighting style?

I would describe my style as dynamic While I primarily look to strike, I would be very confident to take it to the ground.

Who are your inspiration(s) in martial arts?

When starting in MMA Conor McGregor had a huge influence on me. He was someone I could look up to who represented my country!

You're fighting Constantin Blanita, what are your thoughts on him?

My opponent appears to have an aggressive style, putting pressure on his opponents while still having a strong pace throughout his rounds. In saying that, my opponent does have very lows hands which is risky for any fighter.

Have you a prediction for the fight?

While this matchup is my fist fight in MMA, it’s quite likely to see the full 3 rounds. I'm hoping to cut the fight short.

Quick Fire Round:
Fav Submission – Flying armbar
Fav Striking Technique- Capoeira
Fav Music- Rap / House
5 Fav Fighters- GSP, Conor McGregor, Ali, Mike Tyson, & Jon Jones
Worst Part of Training- Dieting
Cheat Meal- Pizza
Goal in the sport- To learn and grow from the sport while reaching my personal achievements

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