Ronan McKay loses controversially in the UK

Ronan McKay loses controversially in the UK

Ronan McKay (11-12) was hoping to make it five wins in a row at Combat Performance League 1 in the UK on Saturday night however he lost thanks to an illegal kick not spotted by the ref.

Costello van Steenis (7-1) landed a straight right which buckled McKay's legs and while on his knees Steenis came in with a soccer kick which clearly landed. McKay then fell onto his back and Steenis then pounced with strikes and got McKay's back to get a rear naked choke submission win.

The kick clearly landed as seen in video footage and therefore the referee should've stopped the bout, given McKay five minutes and taken a point from Steenis and if McKay wasn't able to continue then it should've been a DQ win for him.

Earlier in the night Yousef Jaafar moved to 3-0 as an amateur with a unanimous decision win over Dutch fighter Tommy Lee. Although there was a slight bit of controversy again as Jaafar's coach claimed Lee clearly tappped to an armbar in the first round. This was also officiated by the same referee. Regardless Jaafar still walked with the victory.

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