QnA with Micky Pereira ahead of Clan Wars 27

QnA with Micky Pereira ahead of Clan Wars 27

Flyweight Micky Pereira (1-3) will be in action on Saturday night in an amateur contest against Mikey McCoy on the Clan Wars 27 undercard. Ahead of his fight we sat down with Pereira for some questions and answers.

Combat Gear: How did you get into the sport and how long have you been training? 

Mickey Pereira: I started boxing in my late teens, went to a BJJ class and was hooked ever since.

Talk a little bit about the gym you train at.

One thing about Team Torres and Newry Muay Thai squad is that we are game with a capital 'G'. With the fight IQ of our coaches and high level fighters we have, you will undoubtedly hear of more killers emerge from this gym.

How would you describe your fighting style?

Rugged and raw! 

Who are your inspiration(s) in martial arts?

Bruce Lee, Shaolin Monks and Ghost Face Killa.

You're facing Mikey McCoy on Saturday, what are your thoughts on him?

He is just another opponent.

Have you a prediction for the fight?

I'm taking this win, end of story. 

There is an amateur flyweight title fight taking place at Clan Wars 27. Should you win, would facing the winner of that interest you?

I'll fight anyone. I need to test my skills against all styles, so let's go!

As an amateur fighter in Ireland, what do you think of the new scans and safety measures being implemented currently in Irish MMA?

I believe it's a positive move in Irish MMA but price wise it's a struggle for amateur fighters as we're paying our way until we make it. Sometimes even private doctors and some GPs won't do it. And the prices are a joke. So help in funding the medicals and scans would be great.

Quick Fire:
Fav Submission- Gogoplata 
Fav Music- Wu Tang Clan 
Fav Movies- Comedies all day 
5 fav fighters- Nick Diaz, Vasyl lomachenko, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Anderson Silva, and Dong Hyun Kim.
Worst Part of Training- Not training 
Cheat Meal- Pizza
Goal in the sport- To be the most dangerous flyweight on the planet

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