Tom Moore: I see myself finishing Dylan Logan in the second

Tom Moore: I see myself finishing Dylan Logan in the second

This Friday night at Cage Leacy 2 Tom Moore will make his professional MMA debut. The 24-year-old amassed a 6-4 record as an amateur. He takes on SBG's Dylan Logan (0-1) in the co-main event in what should be an interesting contest between two promising fighters.

We sat down with Moore recently to talk about how he got into the sport, training at Shark Bait MMA, facin Logan and more.

Combat Gear: How did you get into the sport and how long have you been training?

Tom Moore: I did martial arts as a teenager with a mind to self defense. MMA competition was a natural extension of that, a way to truly test yourself in combat with few rules. I started training in actual MMA when I was about 19.

Talk a little bit about the gym you train at, your training partners and coaches. 

I train in Shark Bait MMA in Limerick. We're not a big gym but we have some solid fighters for the size we are. We've picked up some belts in some shows in the last few years. Ger Healy is my main coach, he's been involved in MMA in Limerick for years. I have BJJ and boxing coaches too.

This is your first pro fight. Why turn pro now and are you approaching this any different than you did for your amateur contests? 

My last amateur fight was almost a year ago. I have improved dramatically in that space of time and ironed out a lot of issues in my game. I've always been the limiting factor in how well I would perform on a given night, nerves would kill my otherwise great conditioning and I'd lose decisions in which I'd often dominate the first round. I'm not approaching this fight much different. I'm training harder sure, and smarter, but fundamentally I am approaching it no differently. My only goal between fights is to improve upon myself, and this fight is no different.

How would you describe your fighting style?

My style has evolved a lot recently. When I first began fighting I was a grinding wrestler, who'd hit takedowns and dominate top control while looking for subs. My striking has dramatically improved since I first began fighting and I definitely think this will show on Friday. It will be satisfying to showcase vs. someone who fancies themselves a good stand up fighter.

Who are your inspirations in martial arts? 

I don't have any particular inspirations. I first got into MMA watching Fedor highlights from Pride on YouTube, but as far as particular inspirations, I'm not really too bothered with what others are doing. I like to concentrate on myself.

You're fighting Dylan Logan this Friday. What are your thoughts on him?

I've seen him around at a few amateur shows a few years back. I know he has a karate background and likes to fight like that and can hit tricky submissions in places. I'm not too worried about what he'll try and do come Friday, I'll be shutting him down the minute the bell goes off in the first round.


Any SBG fighter seems to have a bit of a buzz about them. Does it mean anything to you to take on one of their prospects? 

It definitely makes the fight more interesting than having to fight another randomer like myself, haha. Beating an SBG fighter, particularly a prospect, will be very satisfying, it'll let people know who I am anyway. At the end of the day he's just another opponent and it just comes down to who's the better fighter.

Have you a prediction for the fight?

I see the fight going a number of ways. Ultimately I think he'll start to break under the pressure by the end of the first, and I see myself finishing him in the second.

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