Updated BAMMA 30 Fightcard

Updated BAMMA 30 Fightcard
With the recent additions over the past week here is the BAMMA 30 fight card how it stands with more to be added soon.

Main Event - BAMMA World Bantamweight Title
Alan 'The Apprentice' Philpott (16-9) Vs. Shay Walsh (16-4)

Co-Main Event - Lightweight Feature Bout
Rob 'C4' Sinclair (13-4) Vs. Paul 'Redser' Redmond (11-6)

Middleweight Bout
Fabian 'The Assassin' Edwards (1-0) Vs. Aaron Kennedy (Debut)

Lonsdale European Flyweight Title
Ryan 'Chaos' Curtis (4-0) Vs. Daniel Barez (7-4)

Unilad Prelims

Lonsdale European Lightweight No.1 Contenders Bout
Rhys 'Skeletor' McKee (5-1) Vs. Richie Smullen (3-0)

WW: Ion 'Bombardierul' Pascu (15-7) Vs. Henry 'Herculeez' Fadipe (9-8-1)
WW: Richard Kiely (1-0) Vs. Daniel 'Obi Wan' Olejniczak (1-0-1)
LW: Niklas 'Green Mask' Stolze (8-2) Vs. Chris 'The Menace' Stringer (11-12-1)
LW: 'Magic' Myles Price (9-6) Vs. Phillip 'Honeybadger' Mulpeter (7-5)
WW: Kiefer 'BDK' Crosbie (2-0) Vs. 'Dirty' Harry Marple (4-2)
BW: Jay 'Red Bull' Butler (2-2) Vs. Blaine O'Driscoll (4-1)
WW: Keith 'The Butcher' McCabe (3-3) Vs. Paul Lawrence (3-1)
FW: Decky 'The Diamond' Dalton (6-3) Vs. Mick 'Basher' Brennan (4-7)
FW: Andrew 'The Carlow Kid' Murphy (1-1) Vs. Dylan Logan (0-1)
LHW: Ben 'Spider Monkey' Forsyth (2-2) Vs. Matt Clempner (1-0)

More Bouts To Be Added

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