Irish MMA veteran Ben Davis returns on May 11th in Malta

Irish MMA veteran Ben Davis returns on May 11th in Malta

He made his debut almost a decade ago. A long time before the recent Irish MMA boom. Infact his last fight took place just a few months after Conor McGregor made his UFC debut.

Benjamin Davis (5-5) played an integral part in helping form the foundations for Irish MMA. Over the years he has fought some of the top names around including Norman Parke, Steven McCombe, James Brum, and Damien Rooney. But it was his contest with Owen Roddy that got everyone talking. Very few fights in Irish MMA history has created so much local buzz.

Throughout his career Davis has had mixed success but his split 5-5 record isn't a fair reflection of him as a fighter. Often times you hear the saying "records are for DJ's" in MMA and in this case it isn't more truer. In ten professional MMA contests Davis has only went the distance one. The epitome an exciting fighter.

His last fight, a loss to Tommy McCafferty, was almost four years ago now. During the time since he has established the respected Shaolin MMA gym and has had a fight or two fall through in the mean time.

Now on May 11th in Malta in the Centurion Fight Championship Davis will return to the cage once more as he faces Manuel Bilic (8-4), a 22-year-old prospect who made his pro debut the month Davis last fought.

The Croatian, much like Davis, does not like to go the distance in his fight. A sure recipe for an exciting fight here. 

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